We are Low Code / No Code specialists.

Zertain specializes in providing Outcome focused advisory, consulting and implementation services for application development, platform integration and digital transformation services through the use of modern low code / no code platforms and agile methodologies.

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About Us

At  Zertain we have been providing cutting-edge technology services for decades. Over time, we've seen many changes happen in both the application and development realms; however, our team members' experience allows us to keep up with these innovations by adapting quickly as needed! We provide deep expertise when it comes down to selecting which Low Code / No Code platform will best suit your needs based on an initial assessment about what tasks need completing or breaking down into smaller pieces so they can be completed more efficiently.

5 ways low code
solutions can
speed up your
business goals


Platform Integrations
Business Application
Enterprise iPaaS
Workflow Automation
Embedded Integration
Application Development ( Web & Mobile )
Application Modernization
Software Quality Management & Testing
Cloud Assessment and Planning
Cloud Deployment & Setup
DevOps Maturity Assessment
DevOps Pipeline Setup & Assembly
DevOps Maintenance
Microservice Architecture
DevOps Product Line and Support
Cloud computing AWS and Azure
Evaluation and Mapping
Agile Scrum Services
Project Management Services
Business Requirement Mapping
ITIL process Mapping
Business Stakeholder Management
OKR and KPI’s
Application Workflow

Our Partners

Leadership Team

Pavan Kumar Yogender
Co-Founder & CEO
Pavan Kumar Yogender
Founder & CEO
Pavan is a creative and results oriented leader with global experience including proven abilities to envision and establish highly performant teams, and drive the organization to achieve the company objectives, vision and promise. Pavan brings more than eighteen years of blended business and technology experience that includes areas of product development, digital transformation, managed services and corporate leadership.
Cameron Floyd
Cameron Floyd
Cameron an evangelist of innovative and disruptive technology, with a ‘lead from the front’ mentality that builds successful teams and businesses. With 20 years’ experience in Europe, USA and Australasia, he possess a broad commercial and technical acumen that delivers insights and value across many verticals.
Anirudh Ramesh
VP , Operations
Anirudh Ramesh
VP , Operations
A proven leader who specializes in client success and comes with a decade worth of successful engagements, who has also built several COEs which have yielded large returns for corporates.
An expert in mentoring teams and identifying new talents.

Bharath Phatak
Enterprise Architect
Bharath Phatak
Enterprise Architect
Bharath is a seasoned architect with over 15 years of experience in
envisioning, building and implementing software applications and products. He also specialises in custom app and platform integration through low code/ no code technologies. He has deep domain knowledge in cyber security and sport, media and entertainment industries.
John Marshall
Principal Consultant
John Marshall
Principal Consultant
John has spent 25 years of transforming and digitising process across Australia and the United Kingdom. He is a business analyst and end to end business transformation specialist that excels at defining prioritised business requirements and translates them into successful process, people and platform outcomes for clients.
Krish Magapu
Growth Advisor
Krish Magapu
Growth Advisor
Krish is a global leader in growth operations and tech-enabled marketing initiatives and helped 100+ tech companies with an integrated G-T-M that resulted in substantial brand growth, experience and increased revenue.

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